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Parker Twinhammer Hose


Twinhammer™ Bonded Air/Water Jackhammer Hose System

twinhammer hoseWet Method Hose System to Comply with the OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) Standard

Parker Series 7084 Twinhammer Hose is the first factory-assembled dual hose system that delivers both air and water in a single, unitized configuration for silica dust suppression in pneumatic jackhammer applications. Twinhammer Hose is a safe and efficient way to comply with the OSHA standard.

The new twin line hose system:

  • transfers air to power heavy duty pneumatic jackhammers/breakers
  • transfers water to suppress silica dust produced by tool operation
  • helps create a safer and more efficient work environment

Twinhammer hose assemblies feature durable abrasion resistant and chemically bonded lines for easy handling. The design eliminates the need for intrusive clamps, straps, tape or zip ties used to cobble together a makeshift harness for independent air and water hoses. The assemblies incorporate universal end styles for quick connection/disconnection to the air supply, and rust resistant brass male NPT couplings for easy attachment to the water supply and spray nozzle.

Twinhammer Hose Value

  • Easy handling and installation Bonded lines are permanently and continuously joined. No improvised field attachment or maintenance of clamps, straps or zip ties that loosen, get snagged, kink hose and become potential safety hazards.
  • Quick identification via color-coded hoses
    • RFQRed 3/4" 300 psi hose for air
    • Blue 3/8" 300 psi hose for water spray/dust suppression
  • Secure, maintenance-free connections with permanent crimp couplings