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Parker Tracking System


Global Asset Tagging and Identification System

Parker Tracking SystemParker Tracking System (PTS) is a barcode and RFID tracking system to record and recall hose assembly information designed to reduce vehicle or asset downtime. 
PTS labels are specifically engineered to withstand harsh chemicals, temperatures, UV exposure and other challenging conditions.  Call with the serial number of a damaged hose, and it will be ready for you when you come in, no waiting or bringing in your old hose.

  • Record, manage and retrieve all of your critical asset information
  • Eliminates the need to wait for removal before the new part can be acquired 

Standard 128BIT barcodes contain both the PTS ID and optional customer part number to speed identification and inspection of parts. PTS tags can be customized by the user to contain specific information or instructions. This data can be used to drive product-specific replacement instructions.

Every record contains a date code which can drive warranty, inspection, and maintenance activities. MRO planning can be easily conducted based on the age of the asset.  Each asset is tagged with a unique PTS ID number. The number can be recalled by thousands of distributors and OEM business partners worldwide.

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